Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Words for Thought

I received word of this AMAZING blog from a friend this week... and I have been lost.  But, along with being lost on the blog, I have also been lost in thought... GOOD thought!

Before I go further... the blog: Pioneer Woman

Aside from wanting to BE this woman (yes, I even asked Adam if we could move to the country and get some animals and he responded with, "How about cardboard cutouts of animals?"), various words of her made me remember my New Year's Eve blog about being more intentional this year... making each day count.  And, I am happy to say that I feel like I am actually trying to do that so far this year... all of six days... but she also made me wonder how I make small changes to *be* more of the person I want to be without causing undue stress in my life... and I think it's doable.  But, it requires planning and sacrifice and love and honesty and God and goals... well, it requires some change, but good change.  Change of thought, change of deed... but doable change.  So... again... I'm really looking forward to this year and seeing where it takes me and my family.

(Thanks to my friend who sent the link to this blog out in a blog post of her own... I joked with her that it was evil because I was so lost in the blog, but truly I love it and it is good for the soul...!)



mulroy said...

How funny, Erin! That is one of my fave blogs that I read every day. I even bought her cook book! She has some awesome recipes...

Janice said...

I admit, I did NOT marry Marlboro Man......

I can promise it is totally different to be a city girl in the country when you don't marry a farm boy! :-)

Pam said...

I love her blog and have been following her for over 2 years! If you have not read her novel black heels to tractor wheels you have to stop everything your doing and sit down and read it!

Hope your feeling better!