Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Approach to Bathtime

For about a month now, Julia has taken a strong dislike to baths.  In order to keep her clean, I've been showering with her, but it's not fun for either of us and she has taken to saying, "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" when asked if she wants to take a bath when just a few months ago, she would hike up the stairs in a hurry.

Earlier this week I decided both girls needed a bath and was not looking forward to but was willing to listen to Julia scream and holler the entire time.  Then I got an idea... if I put Raven's tub in WITH Julia and asked Julia to help me, maybe she would settle down.  Sure enough, though the first few minutes of her bath were horrendous, I finally was able to get her to "help" me bathe Raven and was able to get her clean as well.  Today I tried it again and this time she stood in the tub (no tears!  yay!) begging me to bring Raven and her tub in.  A nice additive is that it takes less time than it had been taking to bathe both of them, and by the end of bathtime, Julia was back to her normal slip-sliding self in the tub.  Yay!


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