Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolution: Lose Weight: Part 3: Food

Another really interesting part of the class... food!  Again, I enjoyed learning about the science behind the food, and what I learned made sense... in the morning you need energy after fasting through the night... in the midday, you need energy to keep going but also protein to begin rebuilding, and at night you need protein to regenerate to start the next day.

To break that into carbs, protein, and fat, it looks like this:

In the Morning...
-- High Carbs
-- Low Proteins
-- Low Fats

In the Midday...
-- Moderate Carbs
-- Moderate Proteins
-- Moderate Fats

In the Evening...
-- Low Carbs
-- High Proteins
-- High Fats

An example of a breakfast would be fruits and whole grains (high carbs), eggs and turkey bacon (low proteins), and butter and flax seeds (low fat).  An example of a morning snack would be an apple with almond butter.  Midday meal?  Corn, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, whole grains, turkey, fish, eggs, and chicken.  In the afternoon, you start transitioning your snacks to nuts and seeds, and something like celery.  In the evening, red meat, fish, chicken, olive oil, and green veggies (broccoli, lettuces, spinach, asparagus) take over.  The idea is to eat your fruits and breads in the morning, your veggies and high-protein meats in the evening.  And for an evening snack?  Due to the fiber in it, you can have popcorn with butter... yum!
Craving ice cream really badly?  Eat it for breakfast.  Seriously.

We were reminded that BOTH unburned carbs AND too much protein are turned into stores of fat... so it pays to eat carbs in the morning when you *need* them, and protein in the evening when you *need* it.

My goal by Sunday afternoon is to meal plan for two weeks using this philosophy and grocery shop.  For Adam and Julia and a need for evening carbs, we have our loaf of bread... and otherwise, I know I can whip up some tasty meals that we will all enjoy!


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