Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Raven's 4 Month Check Up

Raven had her 4-month check up today at the clinic.

Today Raven weighed 15 lbs even (that's a 2 lb 6 oz gain) and is 25 inches (+1 inch from her 2-month) long.  She is 80% for her weight and 75% for her height.  She still has a smallish head (40%) at 16 inches, but that seems consistent with our family head size.

Otherwise, she is fine and well, minus a goopy tear duct which should eventually clear itself up (we have some salve to help when it is extra bad).

She is drinking 6 oz bottles now (she nurses about one time per day and otherwise drinks formula).  She is sleeping 8 - 10 hours a night, which is a blessing.  Last night I tried her out in the crib for the first time and she slept for about 7.5 hours straight before waking up hungry as a hibernated bear.  The doctor said today that it was up to us if we wanted to give her cereal; she doesn't need it since she is getting plenty of iron from the formula.  I think we will hold off on feeding her cereal for now; she's obviously gaining weight well enough and seriously, feeding a 4-month-old is not the most fun in the world.  Ha!

Yay, Raven!

(Pictures in the next few days, I hope...)


ps.  Our doctor and his wife are due with their 5th early this summer... fun times there!

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