Saturday, January 9, 2010


(It's been a long week...!  I've been meaning to blog this for days, but sometimes life gets in the way... especially when it gets in the way in the form of a stomach bug!  Here's to hoping that I feel "normal" again soon and that Adam doesn't ever come down with what Julia and I had this week.)

About two weeks ago, Adam finished the bunkbeds and we moved them sans mattresses to Julia's bedroom.  We had been planning on traveling to Des Moines to purchase mattresses during our "annual" early-January shopping trip.  Julia thought it was super fun to have bunkbeds in her room, and on January 2nd, we finally purchased mattresses.  It was pretty cold that day, so we left the mattresses in the living room to warm up overnight, and then on Sunday, Adam moved them to Julia's room.  She had a blast bouncing around on her new bed.  On Monday I stripped her crib, washed everything, and made up her new bed with sheets and blankets.

Considering how much Julia loved her new bed, Monday night was a surprise when she freaked out as soon as we tried to put her to bed.  You mean I have to actually SLEEP in that thing?  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!  But, after some coaxing and crying and lots of book-reading, Mommy was finally able to get Julia to lay down in her bed, and after a trip upstairs to rescue her from a blanket mountain that she had piled on her bed and then proceeded to scale, she fell asleep and slept till morning.  And, so have been naps and night time since then... what a Godsend!  She loves her new bed and when you say, "Let's get in bed!", she scrambles into her room and crawls right in!  :)


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