Monday, July 16, 2012

What happens when Daddy isn’t there…

Yesterday Anna was two months old, as I posted about last night.  I took a whole load of pictures yesterday to try and get one good one of the girls and one of Anna… but, I’ll be honest, I have a really hard time getting pictures of the girls without Adam’s help… er… entertainment.  Adam was gone this weekend for a beer event, and so I was solo with the girls.  I took them to a new park with a lake hoping this would entice them to be good for a few pictures, but it was a no go.

So this picture is an example of what I get when Daddy isn’t there to help:

2012-07-15 girls

Big Sister Raven was upset she didn’t get to hold Anna.

Think that one isn’t so bad?

2012-07-15 girls 02

She then turned complete away from Julia and Anna.

Why not give her the baby?  Okay.

2012-07-15 girls 03

This is the look I got and now Anna is screaming mad.  Ha!

I did get one good one of Raven, though:

2012-07-15 raven

We also saw a load of geese and ducks that day… THAT was a major source of amusement for the big girls.

2012-07-15 girls geese

Yah.  Raven likes to get way too close to geese.  She’s only back this far because I was yelling at her to stop.

2012-07-15 mama baby ducks

Oh, yah, and that picture of Anna I was trying to get?  Well, let’s just say I was not too picky at that point.


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