Monday, July 2, 2012

If the “Three Bears” had a picnic table…

2012-06-20 julia table (1)…it would have been just the right size for Goldielocks.   Last year I took the girls to the Urban Farm in Denver and snapped a pic of a picnic table.   I forgot to have size dimensions, so I just took them from one of the girls play tables and chairs.   I went to the store with a friend to pick out treated lumber (Home Depot doesn’t sell “green” C2 anymore, just this reddish treated lumber that makes a great faux-cedar look!

Then one evening I cut and drilled all the pieces so all we needed to do was final assembly.  Thought I’d teach the oldest girl how to turn wrenches…literally.   I got the carriage bolts inserted, and Julia put washers on and screwed each nut on with a socket wrench.   Then I finished it up by screwing on the seats and table top slats.   Fin!2012-06-20 julia table (3)

You can tell Julia is proud and happy to have her own “just the right sized” picnic table.  Now I just need to put a coat of watersealer and we’re done.



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