Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Anna had her first official day of daycare yesterday, and I had my first official first day back to work.  The day went well for both of us – I had a pretty crazy work day, and it was short (during the day) due to a doctor’s appointment for Julia (follow-up with the allergist).  (I ended up working another four hours last night… but that’s beside the point!)  Anna did well at daycare yesterday and again today, except she doesn’t want to take a bottle.  Adam had trouble with her taking a bottle this morning too, but we’ll keep trying.

Last spring I had a picture of the girls’ first day of daycare in Colorado, and so I thought it’d be fun to take a picture of Anna with the girls yesterday.

2012-07-30 anna first day of daycare

Anna was mistaken for a boy twice yesterday due to her blue and white outfit (when in her car seat, you can’t see the flowers!).  But, I think she looks like a girl.  *grin*

I apologize for not blogging much the last week to give you updates on how I am doing.  The last week was a pretty crazy one… my last week home with Anna, a week bookended with two work weekend, a day in Fort Collins with a friend, a quick customer meeting in the office, and a weekend home alone with the girls… pretty busy.  This week showed up before I could blink.  Hopefully when I have a chance to catch my breath, I can update you.  Just know that I am surrounding myself with positive, working very hard to enjoy my kids and my family, and accepting that it’s okay to leave work at a reasonable time to come home and eat dinner with my family and not feel guilty about it (even if I have to work a few hours later in the evening to get ‘caught up’).


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