Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anna is 8 weeks old (yesterday)!

Anna was eight weeks old yesterday.  I didn’t take any pictures of her yesterday and didn’t weigh her either – mainly, we just went through the day as if it was any other day.

There is one point of significance from this week, though – I had to break out the 6 month clothes for her.  I’m really really glad that I set up her closet with all the clothes through 9 months when I first dug everything out – otherwise I would have been digging out tubs left and right.  She has gotten so long and the 3 month one-piece outfits simply are too short for her.  Crazy to think she is wearing clothes at 8 weeks that Julia didn’t wear until she was 5 months old.

Anna has her two month appointment next Monday.  Developmentally she seems to be doing well and is falling into a bit of a groove with napping and sleeping.  We need to work more with the bottle – we’re just lazy like that – so that when she starts daycare in less than three weeks, she’s ready for it.

In other news, I started back to work on intermittent FMLA yesterday – working a few hours a day.  I can’t say that I missed it.  A lot of people ask if I want to go back to work – well, there isn’t much point in answering that question or even dwelling on it because there isn’t a choice in the matter.  We already made our choice about it when we moved here – without some drastic changes, there won’t be a change.  So, it’s a question I try to avoid answering – mostly because thinking about the alternative too much is too painful.  It is what it is.

Off to start our day… but wanted to say a happy 8 weeks to my baby!

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