Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two months!

I took a load of pictures of Anna today but neglected to download them. I have a hard time grasping that Anna is already two months old and maybe by keeping those pictures on the camera one more day, she won't grow so fast.

Tomorrow we have Anna's two month appointment so I'll be sure to report some stats WITH photos.

Anna is doing well. There are more 6 mo clothes than not in her closet and last night she graduated to Size 2 diapers (only because we ran out of Size 1 and it seems silly to keep buying them when I know she fits better in Size 2). I'm curious to see what her weight is tomorrow, but even more so her length.

Hoping to find the energy to blog more in the next two weeks before I head back to work and lose all semblance of time. Lots to tell you all about!


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