Thursday, March 29, 2012


2012-02-03 raven.jpg


This picture was taken on our snowiest day of the year.  My boss had told me the night before not to bother coming in, and the girls’ daycare canceled at 8 PM on Thursday night, and we watched 17” fall on February 3rd.


Almost potty trained.  Twice.  Obstinate that way, and I mostly have adopted the path yet again I was forced upon by Julia.  I’m convinced there is no such thing as training your child – really, it seems to be a matter of being patient until she is ready.

Cannot be bribed for anything.  She likes you to think she can be, though.  Only to throw it back your face. 

Sweet.  Loving.  Cuddly.  Very sweet.  Loves to gives kisses (for mom, dad, and Julia, it *must* be on the lips).  Loves to say, “I love you.”  And you want nothing more to believe that she understands what she is saying because of how honestly she says it.

Has The. Best. Smile. EVER.

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