Friday, March 23, 2012

32 Weeks

Today I am 32 weeks pregnant… we’re about 7 weeks and a few days out from meeting this new baby!  WOW!

2012-03-23 belly

Adam took this picture tonight; realized that I hadn’t posted much pictures this time around.  As you can see, I’m lotsa belly.

Up three pounds this week to a total of +4, but lots of it is swelling again.  Oh, well!  Baby is happy as can be and maybe I’ll get another belly video where you can see the little one going a little nutso… Adam got a good show last night.

Still no name picked out though I’ll confess that Adam knows what we’re having now – that was totally a mistake on my part, but hey, I was really sick, so I couldn’t help it much…!

Tomorrow we’re headed to Babies R Us to buy baby some items… yay!  New car seat, monitor, Boppy pillow, and vibrator/bouncy chair… so excited!

Things are going well health-wise… I had to giggle today because my blood pressure was a whopping 104/60… the other day my boss had asked me if I was having any issues with blood pressure or otherwise this pregnancy due to the stress of work and I said, nope, it’s always been good… guess the only side effect is not gaining too much weight… I can handle that.

Hope all is well out there in the world!  We are great here in Colorado… enjoying the beautiful weather and waiting for our new family member to join us soon!


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