Thursday, March 29, 2012


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Four-and-a-half can be rough.

But, there are days that are full of nothing but giggles and smiles.

Lately we’ve been working on what it means to “be nice” to mom and dad.  I witnessed first hand some of the bad behavior Julia picked up at school – yesterday I watched her watch another little girl with her mom – the little girl was throwing a wild fit, screaming, yelling at her mom, etc.

Not five minutes later, I had the girls with me, and Julia started acting Just. Like. that little girl.  However, I was having none of it and pulled her off the the side.  “Julia, is that how we talk to mom?”  “No.”  “What happens when we talk to mom like that?”  “I go to time out.”

Julia had a good trip home, but last evening and this morning was full of vinegar for that girl.  Suddenly my little sweetheart has developed an attitude and it’s her little sister that has become The Good One in our house.  Umm, how did that happen?

(Raven, I will forever give you that title if you would please stop pooping your pants and try harder to use the potty.  “Okay, mom!”)

But, Julia still has her sweet side, and you can see it here.  And she wants nothing more most days than to stay home with me, to “be a family”, to watch Dora, to read books – she’s still a good girl and still my sweet girl.

But let’s face it – she’s entering a stage where she’s learning and growing and testing her boundaries daily – and that makes four-and-a-half a little rough.


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