Friday, March 9, 2012

30 Weeks

30 weeks pregnant today already! How fun!

My doctor's appointment went well; the swelling is pretty much completely gone and I'm back down to +1 lb gained for my whole pregnancy... Best. Diet. Ever. Ha!

Blood pressure and everything else looks good, and I'm not sure if I mentioned, but I do NOT have gestational diabetes, so that's all well and good too (yay, I can keep having my mochas!).

Baby was moving around good this morning; this one is strong and gets going in the evenings quite a bit... annoys Raven when she wants to lay on me.

I'm home again from work today with Raven as she's still sick... I think she is "better" enough that she could have gone to daycare today, but she was acting weird this morning so we decided to keep her home. Big sister is at daycare today, though, as it is show and tell day and Julia very much wanted to take Hello Kitty and wearing her "pretty dress".

Otherwise... kicking right along. Adam and I need to sit down and "decide our baby's birthday"... I guess we have multiple options now... how do you even pick that date? Weird. Last time I didn't get a choice - not the scheduled date and not when my water broke a day before the scheduled date - and I was very thankful for that... so this is different, but it can be fun in its own right as well. Sounds like I'll get scheduled either at my 32 or 34 week appointment... crazy how fast that is all coming up!

Happy Friday, everyone!


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