Friday, January 20, 2012

Sad, Sad Day

Last weekend I sat down to make this project (new bag for me to bring home my work notebooks):

2012-01-14 bird bag

(Side note #1: On the bag because this post isn’t really about the bag: I saw a post on Pinterest where someone had stitched words onto something, and I have been thinking about this pin for weeks.  I had bought this wonderful bird fabric and wanted to make a bag for me for work and stitch “of a feather” on it. 

Side note #2: I am hooked on Pinterest.

Side note #3: One of these days I will post my New Year’s Resolutions which might just have a resolution related to Pinterest.)

I got everything ready in the new Guest Sewing Room, and flipped the switch onto my sewing machine and… it flickered and died.  I did this numerous times, minus the flicker, and nothing happened.  Plug, unplug.  Over and over and over again with the slowly dying hope that I was living a bad nightmare.

After scouring the machine itself for a reset button or some other thing, looking desperately for my manual (which is usually always by my side but which has been missing since we moved to this house), and finally getting out the volt meter to make sure that it wasn’t the outlet or the power cord, I had to accept that the state of my machine was beyond any knowledge that I had.

So one of these days she’s headed to the shop to get fixed, and holy knows how much money it will cost to fix her.  I was pretty upset most of that night and finally broke out the backup machine we purchased used this last fall so that I had a lighter machine to carry around.  I’m glad I still have the ability to sew, but the current state of this machine ahs me disturbed, as it’s one of the more expensive items I’ve ever owned and I’ve worked hard to take care of it over the years.  And it’s only 8 years old.  *sob* 



chrissy said...

oh no!!!

Janice said...

Oh no!! Maybe you'll take it in and it'll be something minor. :-(

Erin said...

That's the overall hope; that it's something minor. I'm putting $300 in the plan and hoping that over the next 6 months I'll be able to take it in and have it fixed. The backup is handy or else I'd really be up a creek, but it's a pile after using my Bernina for so long.