Friday, January 20, 2012


I seriously do not know squat about the National Western Stock Show, but it’s something that after taking with my lead today, I definitely need to learn about because dang, people, I hear they let kids rid sheep there and it sounds like a whole load of F-U-N. The girls’ daycare “celebrated” the stock show this week and today was Dress Like a Cowboy/Cowgirl Day for Julia’s class.

I had been meaning to make something for Julia to wear for this day all week but due to my change in position at work, I still hadn’t bought anything let alone started a project, I left work early yesterday to go to Joann’s to purchase that which I would need to make Julia a cowgirl outfit.  She doesn’t own boots or a hat or anything cowgirl, but I figured a little fringe and a vest would be perfect for today.  (Who doesn’t love a little fringe anyway?)  Last night after dinner and baths and bed time, I spent 30 minutes futzing with the tension on my backup sewing machine (oh, dear Bernina, how you broke my heart last weekend and you deserve a post of your own), I was able to make a little vest with fringe and add fringe to a jean skirt Julia already owned.  by 9 pm last night I had one cute little outfit for her to wear to school today.

2012-01-20 cowgirl

She makes a cute cowgirl, doesn’t she?  And can’t you totally see Raven riding a sheep??????



chrissy said...

cant wait for the stock show pics someday! her cowgirl outfit is adorable, great job!

Erin said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed making the outfit for her! I've entered this period where while there are quilts I want to make, I don't have a lot of need for an abundant amount of quilts, plus there's the cost... so it's nice to have that outlet such as little girl clothes to meet my needs. ;)