Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Lately I am complete addicted to bacon.  I think I could eat it every day/night.

Tonight I found a stack of wrapped Ghirardelli chocolate squares in a pile of fabric.  Project quickly abandoned.

I sucked at everything with respect to life yesterday, except work.  Yesterday I slept 6 hours, got up, went to work, worked 10 hours, drove home and made dinner, and worked another six hours straight.  Stupid.  Necessary.  Stupid.

I just started a movie.  I should really go to bed.  There are a lot of really dumb movies on Netflix.  However, I watched “Morning Glory” with Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford the other day – that was cute.

Julia is breaking my heart.  Tonight she cried when I put her to bed because she doesn’t want me to go to work tomorrow and wants me to stay home with her instead.  Darling, darling girl.

Ever since Raven pooped in the tub in December (due to illness), she freaks out when it is bath time.  Julia went through a similar stage.  Raven is scared of fuzz, hair, bubbles, or anything that remotely resembles poop.  If you say the word “poop” while she’s in the tub, she immediately starts standing up and shaking and screaming and wants to get out.  Bath time has not been fun.  This has resulted in the girls not receiving baths as often as normal because I cannot always handle the insane screaming.

All that being said, Raven used the potty all day at school today AND pooped on the toilet at school.  GO, RAVEN!

In approximately 15 weeks we are having a baby.  I cannot fathom this.

We are buying a van soon. I also cannot fathom that.

The night before last, petty thieves opened our Escape and stole all of our electric goods (TomTom, iPhone charger, DVD player).  They didn’t take anything from the truck; it was locked.  Thankfully they were not smart enough to look for a garage door opener and open the garage door and steal things from inside.

I remembered tonight that we are having a load of church folks over for lunch on Sunday.  My house is a wreck.  Must get on that.

In the evenings I want nothing more than to sit down and… sit.  Shut off my brain.  Sit. 

I have this fabulous Noro Taiyo yarn that I want to turn into a pixie hat for Baby #3, but I cannot find a pixie hat pattern that I love.  I saw a woman at a knit shop whip up a pixie hat pattern from scratch that was beyond adorable, but I haven’t been back to that shop since May and I don’t know the woman who made the hat.  Problem.

Work and the new position is going well.  I’m simply still in that “just moved in phase”.

That is all.

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