Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Toast Cookies

As Adam mentioned in his earlier post tonight, we haven’t done much cooking this last weekend/this week due to the moving.  Daily it doesn’t seem that we know which residence we’ll be in, and because of that, we’ve had food at one place and been at another during mealtimes.

In an effort to cook more a few weeks ago, I told Adam that when the cereal ran out, I was going to make breakfast from scratch.  This worked well for about 1.5 weeks until the muffins ran out on Friday morning and we were in the thick of moving over the weekend.  Last night Adam asked me what was for breakfast and I gave him a half-crazed half-blank stare and he said, “Woman, get thee Pop Tarts!”

(Okay, that’s not what he really said, but it would be funny if he had, eh?)

So off to the store I went for two very important thing – butter and Pop Tarts.

This morning we were all up and getting ready for the day and I popped a package of Pop Tarts into the toaster for the girls.  When they popped up, I placed them on the counter to cool off (who hasn’t been burned by Pop Tarts before???). 

Julia usually would rather play in the morning than eat breakfast, but this morning she was curious as to what lay on the counter.  Having never seen a Pop Tart before, her first reaction was, “I don’t like it!”  I said to her, “Julia, it is like candy.” (Dumb mom move, but what can I say – it’s how I get her to try new things when I’m desperate.)  She looked curiously at the Pop Tart and she says in an excited voice, “Mommy!  It’s like toast!  But it’s like a cookie!  It’s a toast cookie… with SPARKLES on it!”  (Have I ever mentioned her love for toast before?  Too funny.  She can eat three pieces in a sitting.  Takes after her mom, I guess.)

I relayed this story to Adam and we laughed a bit when Julia came running into the bathroom and said, “Daddy, like a cookie!  With sparkles!!!”

Guess who ate her Pop Tart without any problem?


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Jake said...

I'm guessing you ate your pop tart without any problem.

Oh wait...uh...Julia.