Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank you!

I wanted to post quickly to say Thank You to everyone who called, sent a card, sent a gift, sent flowers, messaged (text or FB), emailed, or otherwise said, "Happy Birthday!" to me this last Friday. What a sweet day it was to have so many people in my life send me well-wishes!

There are many of you to whom I owe a nice, heart-felt thank you card, and I guarantee that it is coming... but as it is, I'm not even sure that I can find a thank you card in my house right now. So, I thought I'd use my blog for now to say THANK YOU to everyone! And, for those of you who are wondering, no, I haven't forgotten you and I haven't lost all manners... finding a box with the right implements in it, though, is proving troublesome.

Last Friday was a great day which started out with sleeping in which was what I requested of Adam (i.e., not having to get up with the girls). He obliged and even tried to sleep in their room with them for a while when they were wide awake and crawling all over me at 6 am. (I hope they slept in longer today for him!) I spent my morning drinking coffee, eating cake, doing a few things around the house, and then at 11 am Adam and I went to the Science and Nature Museum and watched a Great Lakes IMAX movie... so neat!

Afterwards we had a nice lunch at Thai Basil and then spent a few hours browsing and buying at IKEA. Too fun!

Friday night, after we picked up the girls, we had dinner on the back patio (sweet corn and cheddar brats/wurst). We came back inside to light the candles on the cake, since it was too windy out back for the girls to blow them out. The girls proceeded to get cake... well... everywhere.

Later, even though I was planning to get the guest room cleaned out so that I could paint it (different post), I cuddled the girls and watched a show with them before bedtime. They thought it was especially fun to play with the camera on Mommy's phone. :)

All in all it was a most fantastic day! Thank you so much! (Especially to Adam and my girlies!)


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