Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fried Green Beans

Since we are living at both the apartment and the house at the same time (one foot in both places so-to-speak) we have a hard time figuring out what to do for supper,….so we decided to use a gift card to TGI Fridays that a friend gave us as a thank you. 

I don’t frequent these type of places often, but there was one nearby and it sounded like an easy supper.  I didn’t realize they had a $12.99 three-course meal available.  So I had the fried green beans for an appetizer, the jumbo shrimp for entree and an Oreo ice cream dessert.

There was a lot of food and I didn’t eat it all, so I decided to share my fried green beans with the girls.  Both girls tried to take one bite and then drop it saying (or grunting in Raven’s case) that “I don’t like it.”   So being the creative dad that I am, I cut up the beans into bite-sized chunks.

I watched as Julia proceeded to eat the breading off the beans and make a pile of the refuse.  I turned towards Raven, where I see her taking off the breading and putting it in a pile and popping the green beans into her mouth.   Between the two girls,…we have one good eater.   After they were done, I swapped their plates and each girl finished the refuse from the other.  Perplexing merriment for the whole family!

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