Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dryer Rug

Growing up, a laundry room was defined by the rug on the dryer. I am pretty sure both my grandma and my mom did it.

When we bought our first house, it seemed logical to buy this cheap $2 rug to put on top of the dryer. I'm not sure it has a real use but it makes me feel like home.

That rug traveled to Pella with us, and tonight as I unpacked a box of towels and hangers, I found the rug. Guess you could say I'm home now.

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Christan = ) said...

I love it! We have one of those sticky mats on our washer. Definitely keeps the tops a lot nicer looking.

Janice said...

awww! Love it. We never had a rug on the dryer. Interesting the things that are customs in our families. I think one of the fun things about growing up is learning the things that are "normal" in your own family are weird in others!!