Monday, August 19, 2013

The Big 3-5

I turned 35 today!  WOOHOO!

Adam and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together, after I finally roused from my sleeping quarters.  We started with lunch at Alehouse @ Amatos, had ice cream, walked to Denver Beer (but it wasn’t open), and then enjoyed a mas krug at Prost to celebrate their one year anniversary.

I did get a cake, but haven’t dug into it get – the girls and I didn’t have time before we had to go out, and we got home quite late and the girls needed to go to bed.  Methinks I will eat a piece before I go to bed.

Some updates on life around these parts….

My white blood cell count has been coming down, which is expected on the Gleevec (imatinib).  However, my count is lower than “normal”, and while that in and of itself isn’t a problem, the Neutrophil, which is one of the types of white blood cells, count is lower than it should be and if it goes much lower, I could have immunity risk against bacterial infection.  So, I now will start weekly blood tests to monitor the level, and if the level dips too low, I’ll have to go off Gleevec until it rises again, and then I will restart.

You might recall that after Anna was born, I went onto anti-anxiety medication.  I’ve been doing well with it.  This spring I considered going off of it, but quickly being sick and trying to get better consumed me and I never did anything about it.  Well, my doctor determined that potentially my anti-anxiety medication (Celexa) could interfere and cause a negative reaction with the Gleevec, and therefore I am weaning off of it.  Well, I should say, I weaned off of it.  For now I won’t be going onto anything else, as long as I believe that I’m handling any and all anxiety well.

Anna has taken at least two steps a day since Thursday, and today walked quite a bit while we were out – not her main / preferred method of transportation, but I can see the corner.  She is a much happier cat as a result.

Julia is increasingly excited about starting Kindy, and Raven started Pre-K today.  We also start ballet/tap combo for both girls this coming weekend.

Much going on.  Thanks for all of the birthday love today!


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