Monday, August 5, 2013

8/5 Randomness

  • I turn 35 in 2 weeks.  WOOHOO!  Love birthdays and love my birthday!  Super excited for it!  I am taking the day off that day, and Adam and I are talking about different possible ideas for the day.  Should be fun!
  • I have been on Gleevec (imatinib) for about 20 days now.  The main side effect I’m experiencing is bone pain, but that was expected, so other than it being more than a little irritating, I firmly believe it means that things are going well.  Fatigue is also still a problem, but nothing that I haven’t been able to deal with – I’m still working full-time, and other than slacking a bit in the home department, I have been hanging in there.
  • Today I had a procedure called Essure performed.  Essure is a (as close to permanent you can get) permanent birth control.  For all intents and purposes, it is a tubal ligation.  The procedure in and of itself wasn’t so bad, but afterwards I was in a lot of pain, so I spent most of the day sleeping and completely overwhelmed with pain medication.  Doing well now, but of course I am wide awake after sleeping six hours in the middle of the day.  In about three months I’ll have an x-ray done to determine if the procedure worked or not.
  • Thanks to my cube mate, who is Puerto Rican, I have a newfound love of Puerto Rican coffee.  Between that and my French press, I’m in heaven.
  • I still plan on doing a Questions Regarding CML blog post; I just haven’t had much energy to put it together – hopefully soon!
  • Julia starts Kindergarten on August 28th!  I’m so excited for her.  She is BEYOND excited and beyond ready.  I love that she is so excited about school!
  • My aunt Chris and cousin Dru are flying out to visit this week.  Much fun will be had!
  • Raven turns four in a little over a month – cuh-razy!  We waffled between a Bo on the Go, My Little Pony, and Minnie Mouse theme, but we’re going with Minnie Mouse.  I also plan to allow her and Julia to have their very first friend sleepover.  Wish us luck!
  • Anna is communicating better; not necessarily with real words, but with “talking” and pointing to things she wants or needs.  She also is putting a lot more weight on her feet, moving / walking around furniture a lot more, and also letting go and standing solo for a bit of time here and there.  So proud of her!
  • Adam has joined a new band, the Canyon Creek Band.  He will be going on a small tour with them to Arizona in September.  Lots of exciting times ahead!

That’s all for tonight! 


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