Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!

2013-08-28 julias first day (2)

2013-08-28 julias first day (12)

2013-08-28 julias first day (15)

Julia’s first day of Kindergarten at Lincoln Academy Charter School was today, August 28.  Our little girl has become an Elementary School Student!  We are so proud of her!

While the start was a little rocky and the finish even rockier, the In Between was great, according to Julia… at least, good enough to head back tomorrow!

Upon arriving at school, I got out with Julia to take her EpiPens and Benadryl to the office; she shot off towards Kindy waiting area – I had to call her back for a hug, kiss, and one last photo.  I went to the office; apparently I missed filling out one of the medical papers needed – one I would have found had I “dug just a little deeper on the website” (how do you dig a little deeper if you have no way of knowing you’re in need of doing so…?).  So… I drove the new paperwork out to Lakewood for the doctor to fill it out, and we should have it to school on Tuesday again – I hope!

Julia reported that she had a good day; she learned some new friends (though names escape her), she had yogurt for snack and she ate her lunch, and she played on the playground.

However, things fell apart a bit this afternoon – I received a call close to four from Mrs. G, Julia’s teacher, who was wondering where I was – Julia’s paperwork I had turned in suggested she would be in After Care, however, After Care didn’t have her on the list.  After about 45 minutes of waiting for me to come, Mrs. G decided to take Julia to After Care anyway, and said I would find her there.  And ugh, this was a message, because I just barely missed the call… ugh.

I tried desperately to call back, call the number of the After Care folks (no answer!  no mailbox/voicemail!), and finally called the 800 number for the After Care company.  The confirmed that Julia was indeed enrolled in After Care, but they couldn’t tell me why the site didn’t have her info and why no one could get a hold of anyone… this is what finally broke me.  I didn’t know if my child was handling this all okay, I couldn’t get a hold of anyone who could tell me… ugh again.  I cried most of the way there trying to figure out what to do; thankfully Mrs. G called again to let me know she checked on J before she left and that J had calmed down and seemed fine. 

I finally picked her up at 4:45 pm, and while Julia is a little leery of going back to After Care tomorrow (why aren’t you like the OTHER moms who pick my friends up right at school when school is over?  barf), she is more than willing to go back to Kindy tomorrow, and that’s all that I could ask for.

Rocky start, maybe, but here’s to an awesome year!


ps.  Julia INSISTED she have her picture taken with the van.  HA!

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