Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mah Bebes

Here are pictures of my other two loves.

Raven is less than a month away from FOUR!  We are planning our first sleepover party with friends, and Minnie Mouse is our intended theme (though I believe if she had her way it would be a Bo-on-the-Go-My-Little-Ponies-Minnie-Mouse-Hello-Kitty party).  One of the best smiles on the planet; she always lights me up.  She starts Pre-K and will be in Miss Erika’s class starting next week; so hard to believe my precious baby is almost FOUR!  Love her!

2013-08-15 girls (13)

Julia is five-going-on-fifteen.  She is a School Ager now at daycare, and starts Kindergarten on August 28.  Definitely the Little Mother in our family.  Definitely our Soft Hearted One.  Super duper excited about Big School and starting up ballet again next Saturday.  Gives the best Huggies and Kissies.  Love this girl!

2013-08-15 girls (26)

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