Monday, July 15, 2013


Shout out to the in-laws for the card that drove the theme of today’s post.  And a shout out to everyone who has sent cards, emails, FB messages, gifts, etc. – your love is amazing. 

Things I do know:

- Anna is 14 months old today.  And she shouldn’t be.  (Har.)  I want to write a post just about her later.

- I was admitted into the drug trial.  YAY!  When I start, I have been placed under the imatinib drug arm.  It is good to know what the drug is and what the potential side effects may be.

- My insurance is refusing my admittance into the drug trial.  My doctor has decided to hold off on starting me on a drug hoping that a few more days of pestering the insurance company will get them to cave.  This was sad news to hear today.  I was supposed to start my drug treatment tomorrow; now I am not.

- I have reached my insurance deductible.  I am over halfway to meeting my out-of-pocket max for a single person for one year.  Now insurance starts covering % of my bills.  Yay, this is good, because I received a bill today for $750 and according to the insurance website, another one should arrive next week for $850.  Not yay.

- I am loved.  Greatly.  Thank you!

Things I don’t know:

- When for sure I’ll start the imatinib.

- What side effects for sure I will have.  Hopefully I’ll get over my vanity regarding puffiness quickly, especially if that becomes an actual side effect.

- Why insurance would deny my admittance into the drug trial.  What do they care?  Are they mad they won’t get drug money out of me?  (The drug is free to me for up to 10 years.)

- What I need and when I need it.  I have come to accept this and am resting in the knowledge.


That’s all for now.  I came home from work early today; I am not feeling well.  Mostly tired.  REALLY tired.  A lot tired.  Nine hours of sleep last night and I slept three hours this afternoon.  It scares me that the drugs potentially make me more tired, but I am hopeful.  Thankful for a boss who is understanding.


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