Monday, July 1, 2013

Grandma’s Birthday Party: Part 1

I’m separating these into multiple posts because there are SO many pictures.  However, I’m not posting all of them – they are all on FB, and all family will be getting a CD or email (forgive me, I was a little sidetracked by stupid cancer for a couple of weeks).

Grandma (my mom’s mom) turned 80 this year on June 13.  My mom and her brothers put together a surprise party for her, and all of her grandkids (except for one) made it and all of her great-grandkids were together for the very first time.  Lots of fun was had, good times, lots of hugs, catching up, and picture taking.  We love you, Grandma!

Cousin Stephanie and her two boys:2013-06-09 grandmas party (2)

Cousin Kristin, her husband Tom, and her two boys:2013-06-09 grandmas party (6)

Grandma arriving at her party:2013-06-09 grandmas party (11)

Grandma talking to Lis and Dante:2013-06-09 grandmas party (15)

Grandma meets Anna for the first time:2013-06-09 grandmas party (21)

Sisters Katie and Stephanie: 2013-06-09 grandmas party (24)

Grandpa John joined in the fun as well (Grandpa John is my dad’s dad):2013-06-09 grandmas party (34)

Cousins digging for who knows what in the sand box:2013-06-09 grandmas party (39)

Grandma and her sisters-in-law:2013-06-09 grandmas party (49)

Grandma with her sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, and brothers:2013-06-09 grandmas party (58)


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