Monday, July 15, 2013


Anna’s official nickname at 14 months old: Bubby.  Even her big sisters call her that now.  Very cute.  And she acknowledges it.  Love.

Anna is 14 months old today.  Tonight we sent her to bed with a sippy cup; she was very mad and fell asleep as far away from it as she could – girlfriend loves her bottle, but school is moving her to the next room in a month and we have 30 days to transition her from a bottle to a sippy cup.  I wish babies understood.  I wish daycare was more flexible with our more lax way of transitioning our kids from one milestone to the next. 

I rocked Anna tonight for a while; the hot tears fell heavy on her head.  It is hard for me to accept that she is my last baby – the last baby from my womb – and that she’s already 14 months old, and I want her to be a baby a little longer.  My heart is broken into a million pieces right now – I thought I had come to terms with not having more children, but every time I see a pregnant woman or a new baby, my heart breaks all over again.  Broken, broken, broken.  At least I will say, Anna was a good last.

(Note: I say this because I want to be open with my feelings; not so that others tiptoe around me or shut news and life away from me to shield me.  Very excited for the babies that my sister-in-law and sister are expecting; at least I will have ones to snuggle!)

2013-07-14 anna (3)

2013-07-14 anna (4)

2013-07-14 anna (5)

About Anna at 14 months old:

Look: Blond hair (curls at the nape of her neck), blue eyes, but going the way of her sister, Raven (more steel / gray / green)

In her mouth: 12 teeth.  TWELVE.

Favorite food: Strawberries (recently ousting bananas)

Favorite snuggle toy: Owl blankie

Loves to: Dance, go up and down stairs, snuggle with mom or dad, be chased by big sisters, color with chalk on the kitchen floor, sit at the “big girl table”; crawls like a banshee – she can really move!; pick on Raven (someone in our family FINALLY has the ability to pick on Raven); get in her big sisters business.

Current sizes: 2T/24mo (YES, ACK), size 5 shoe (the 4s decided not to fit this weekend!); can fit into 18 month around the waist, but dresses are too short; size 3 diaper

Word: Uh oh.  Still nothing new out of her, though she babbles up a storm.

Loves anything her sisters love; scared of anything her sisters are scared of.  Tonight it was the fly.  I don’t think Anna ever SAW the fly, but the second the big girls started screaming, she immediately decided whatever it was was tear worthy. 

Similar issue with dogs.  The big girls are handling small dogs much better now, but they have instilled a fear in Anna.  And all animals, really. *sigh*

As started to throw tantrums.  Full out, flailing on the floor.  They are quite a site.  She is giving Raven a run for her money in “expressiveness.”

So glad that this little gal is part of our family – I think when it comes to kids, you never know what you’re missing, until they are in your life.  Six years ago I couldn’t imagine my life with three kids; now I cannot imagine my life without them.

Love you, baby girl!


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