Friday, September 7, 2012

Corner. Turned.



Almost four weeks ago, we were presented with the scenario at daycare that if Raven was potty trained, she could move up to the next class.  Socially and mentally she was ready for it, but she would have to stay in the 2’s class until she had turned that corner of using the potty.

Entered: A night out with mom to pick out a Potty Present.

Raven had been randomly using the toilet for almost a year, but with no real results.  However she had been showing promise at daycare this summer, and was open to a Potty Present – which really, was a Pooping Present.  She had no issue peeing on the toilet, but she would randomly run off and poop in her pants.  Blech.

So, I took her to Target and let her pick out pretty much whatever she wanted (she didn’t know, but obviously I had a price limit).  After much trolling, she settled on this, The My Little Pony Crystal Empire Pony Rainbow Collection Pack.  Each pony is approximately 2” high.  And she feel IN LOVE with it.

We set up a chart that showed she had to poop on the toilet 10 times before she could have the ponies.  We figured that would instill in her the need to go on the toilet instead of in her underpants.  It took three weeks during which she simply didn’t poop at home that much and two accidents, but finally on Wednesday night, Raven had reached her 10th “X” on the chart and we celebrated with the opening of the pony package.  Raven was ecstatic!  So were mom and dad!  Julia was a bit jealous and now is trying to figure out a way to receive her own pony pack.  What a great night!  Raven even slept with her ponies – all seven of them, and of course, yellow was missing yesterday morning – and we thought that she had really, finally decided that she was going to be potty trained.

And then yesterday she pooped her pants at school.  Doh.

One thing about Raven is this – she is stubborn and will choose to do things when and how she wants to have them done.  She doesn’t threaten easily.  So, even though the teacher suggests that if she keeps it up, she’ll have to go back to the 2’s class, it doesn’t faze Raven one bit.  I really hope yesterday was a fluke because she really seemed to have gotten it.  We had finally backed off and tried hard to let her decide when and how things would happen.  And we thought this was finally it.  So, crossing fingers for “accident” and not “on purpose”… because Raven could care less which daycare class she is in… and I really don’t want her to go back to the 2’s class when she is a week away from being 3 and is doing so well in the 3’s class.  Sigh.

But yay!  PONIES!

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