Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anna is 17 weeks old (yesterday)!

2012-09-11 anna 17 weeks (3)

2012-09-11 anna 17 weeks (25)

2012-09-11 anna 17 weeks (31)

Anna is doing well… amazing that she is 17 weeks old already!  After my last post about her needing Mama Time, not much has changed, though we’ve developed a new routine that at least keeps us from being too stressed out in the evenings.

She’s much more alert, more smiley, laughs a lot, loves her feet, loves her hands (in her mouth), and it’s easy to make her laugh.  She drinks a lot more milk daily at daycare (5 – 6 oz each time) and is solidly in 9 months clothes.

This weekend she’ll be four months old… and next Thursday is her four month checkup!  Looking forward to sharing more pictures and reporting her stats.


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