Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anna’s 4 mo stats

I’m a little behind on my blog picture/story posting but I’m catching up, I promise!

Today was Anna’s 4 month well baby visit and she did great!  The doctor asked what she can do now:

  • Roll from back to front (easily)
  • Roll from front to back (even though she did this early, she seems to have forgotten and doesn’t do it regularly)
  • Giggles and smiles a lot
  • Puts feet and hands in mouth regularly and as often as possible
  • Plays with toys in bouncy chair
  • Starting to play with toys that she grasps – really likes rattles, fuzzy animals, etc.
  • Grasping her hands together

The doctor was pretty surprised that she is already rolling from front to back since she is still swaddled (HA, kid – I WIN!  The last time, but still) and because she is "a big baby”.

So how big of a baby is she?


Weight: 15lb 8oz (68th percentile)

Height: 27 inches (umm……. REALLY off the chart this time)

So here is a number to explain to you that while she’s 15.5lb already, she’s not “big”… her weight-for-length ratio is in the 7th percentile.  This means she’s a really long baby for her age (off the chart) and that while she weighs plenty, by no means is she “fat” – her body is working hard to keep up with her length.

And so is her mama.  Tonight she is wearing 12 month pajamas.  SOB!!!!!!!!!!  She really can wear 9 month stuff very well but just for grins I put 12 month pajamas on her to see if they would be too big and they weren’t.  That broke my heart a little.

So you all knew I was nerdy, right?  And I had been planning to do this for a while.  Here is a chart showing the three girls’ weight to six months (I know Anna isn’t 6 mos yet, but may you want to make a guestimate based on this chart):

2012-09-25 weight

(Anna is the green.)

And here is length:

2012-09-25 length

As you can see, Raven and Anna were pretty close weight-wise at four months (only a 1/2 lb difference), but LENGTH wise… Anna is the same length now at 4 months that Raven was at 6 months… and, well, Julia still hadn’t been there at 6 months.  So I am excited to see where she ends up.

She did well with her vaccines though it was a rough day for her at daycare and at home tonight.  Here is hoping that tomorrow is better.

Forgive me for not doing trend lines and all sorts of other fun graph-y stuff… I’m… umm… up way too late tonight and have a serious lack of brain function.  Smile



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