Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anna is three weeks old (and a day)!

Yesterday Anna was three weeks old. Again with that "time flies" business. We were excited and thankful to have Adam's sister and her family visit the last few days and the girls we're able to spend "cousin" time with Dex and Ivy.

Hanging out last night while mama pumped milk:

Hanging in the car yesterday with Ivy and Julia while the family explored Lookout Mountain:

Anna popped into 3-6 month clothes last week and has been out of newborn size diapers for about two weeks. I'm actually thinking that after taking back a bunch of newborn diapers I will ALSO have to take back a box of size 1. He's growing like a weed!

I'm also down to 7.5 weeks of maternity leave left. Sounds like an eternity until I think about the 3.5 that have already flown by.

This afternoon after Adam's family left, Adam and I had a much needed and impromptu afternoon "date" in Boulder. We took Anna along but she mostly slept. We ate at Boulder Beer and walked the ped mall. Yay!

So hard to believe that in a little over a week Anna will be a month old already. In many respects it feels like she's always been in our family and in other ways I can't believe she's already this old! Then I look at my oldest children. Wowsa. :)

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