Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anna is four weeks old!

And that means that in three days, she’ll be a whole month old already!  Yikes!

Ha, Mama still ain’t so great at manual mode on the camera, so in-house pictures are hard because the lighting isn’t great, but thankfully we had some good cloud cover this afternoon and the smoke from the High Park Fire had shifted, so we were able to get outside and take a few pictures.  (High Park Fire – Read about it here.  Chrissy – friend from Cedar Rapids – and I had unknowingly a good view of the smoke plume from Estes Park of this fire on Sunday.)

About Anna… finally she has had her eyes open wide enough and the color has been changing that I can safely say they are blueberry blue.  However, both of her sisters had blue eyes and just recently Julia is developing a goldish-green ring around her iris (still blue for the rest) and Raven’s have shifted to gray-green with a tiny hint of blue left, so we’re thinking she might go completely hazel.  So it’ll be interesting to see where Anna ends up!

Anna is sleeping well at night – about three to four hour chunks, which is great for me in getting enough sleep.  Now if I would only go to bed when she does!  Otherwise, I’m also able to get one good long nap out of her during the day, and good cat naps otherwise.

Sisters are still enamored with Anna and are excited for her to “get older” so that she can be more fun.  The house should be a load of fun at that point in time!

Here are pictures of Anna today:

2012-06-12 anna 4 weeks (5)

2012-06-12 anna 4 weeks (158)

2012-06-12 anna 4 weeks (165)

2012-06-12 anna 4 weeks (170)

2012-06-12 anna 4 weeks (199)

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