Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anna is 5 weeks old!

I’ll keep this up as long as I’m able – doing the weekly photo – but I already “broke” the pattern once by posting a day late so I think I’m okay if I suddenly drop off and switch over to months.

Today Anna is 5 weeks old – this is my 6th week of maternity leave – and that means that after Wednesday, my maternity leave is on the downhill slope.

Today I hopped on the scale with Anna and she clocked in right around 11.5 pounds.  I will have to go and look at when Julia and Raven weighed that much… but considering that Anna had almost 2 pounds on them at birth, I think 11.5 is pretty good and right where she should be – the doctor said about 1 ounce a day (gained).


She’s pretty mellow and likes to be held.  She is starting to notice her surroundings more and notice when mom is not around.  She’s allowing daddy to hold her and placate her more.  Despite our complete lack of trying to use a bottle with her (since she’ll need one when she goes to daycare), she took Bottle #3 like a champ and FROM ME yesterday, so I consider that a success.

photo (1)

These photos are just from my phone today, and using the front camera at that (I ordered a new backplate so that I can take “good” pictures with my phone again).

I can say that Anna has smiled for me already which is super fun.  Sometimes she laughs in her sleep.  Her eyes do open wider than you’ve ever seen them in pictures but only when we’re in darker rooms as it’s pretty light outside. 

She’s our long girl – sometimes we think her torso is long and other times we think her legs are long and either way, she’s already threatening to bust out of 3 – 6 months in the length – thank goodness summer is full of dresses and shorts!  She’s not big enough around for 6 month yet (and not even some of the 3 – 6 month clothes) and so we’ll stick it out with the dresses and shorts in the one size but pull in 6 month onesies for night time.  Super glad we stuck with the 48” swaddle blankets because she would be busting out of a tiny SwaddleMe.  :)

A few nights a week she’s sleeping in longer stretches – usually from about 9 or 10 pm until about 3:45 AM.  Too bad mama doesn’t know well enough to go to bed at 9 pm… ha!

So that’s little Anna.

Julia and Raven are doing well but are also trying our patience of late.  The whining and crying has gotten out of control, and I think a lot of it is the “I will get attention especially with bad behavior”, so I’ve been thinking on that some.  They also have a serious case of The Mommies, which makes going anywhere difficult – there’s Adam, and there’s me, with three girls hanging off of me in various forms.  The girls still adore their baby sister though – they just need more Mom time, I think.

love ya all…


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