Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Welcome, Baby Anna!

Anna Beyel Draeger celebrated her Birth Day yesterday -- May 15, 2012.  Adam, Julia, Raven, and I are so excited to welcome the fifth member to our family!

2012-05-15 anna beyel 01 (Medium)

2012-05-15 anna 02 (Medium)

(Beyel is Adam's grandma's maiden name; Grandma Draeger passed away in December and we wanted to honor a woman who has been such an amazing influence in so many people's lives --- Draeger and non-Draeger alike!)

Anna was born at 1:52 PM MDT at Exempla Lutheran in Wheat Ridge, CO.  She weighed 9 lb 4 oz and is 22 inches long.  (!!! - bigger than her sisters - we are convinced that she knew she needed to beef up so she could handle the love and smothering her sisters would shower upon her!)  She is long and lean and already has a healthy appetite!

Julia and Raven were VERY excited to meet their new little sister last night!

2012-05-15 big sister 02 (Medium)

2012-05-15 julia and anna (Medium)

2012-05-15 girls and anna  01 (Medium)

We are also blessed to have Adam’s parents here to help us out this first week, especially with the older girls.  They are getting some much needed attention while mommy spends her time in the hospital and while daddy tries to keep up with the demands of the beer world.

2012-05-15 grands 02 (Medium)

2012-05-15 ron marcia anna 04 (Medium)

Mommy and Anna are both doing well.  Anna is already a great little nurser, and has only lost 4% of her body weight.  Mommy is feeling well after having survived her third C-section, and today I was able to get up and move around after being unhooked from a multitude of machines and everything else.  I was also blessed with a visit from one of my church friends, Cristal, and she provided me with much needed adult conversation for a couple of hours.

We are hoping to head home on Friday; Saturday at the latest. 

Thanks for all of the well-wishes via Facebook and email – much appreciated!  I apologize for not being able to respond to each and every one at this point in time, but know that you are loved and your kind words mean so very much to me and the family!

2012-05-15 family of five (Medium)



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