Sunday, May 13, 2012


The Olde Town Arvada splash pad has hours that are great for the weekend goer, but not so great for moms and dads that work full time: 9 – 11 AM, 12 – 2 PM, 4 – 6 PM, and 8 – 10 PM.  Every day when we drive home from daycare, Julia sees the splash pad and starts screaming, “It’s on!  The water fountain!”

Thursday was a warm day and we knew it would be the last warm day until tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday, and with the pending C-section, I wasn’t sure when we could get back to the splash pad.  So I called Adam and asked if he would please run to the store and buy a backyard sprinkler.  We don’t need it for the lawn – we have a sprinkler system that’s on a timer – but for $10, I thought it would be a good investment for the girls to have some backyard water fun in the event that we couldn’t get to the splash pad and since the pool doesn’t open for another 2 – 3 weeks, it quells their water need.  So, he brought it home, we served dinner, and you’ve never seen the girls eat so fast.

2012-05-10 sprinkler julia 01

2012-05-10 sprinkler julia 02

2012-05-10 sprinkler raven 02

2012-05-10 sprinkler raven 03

2012-05-10 sprinkler raven 04

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