Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anna is two weeks old!

We had Anna’s two week checkup today.  She is doing well, has no known issues, and weighed it at 9lb 11.5oz, which beats her birth weight (9 lb 4 oz) by a load (we were only concerned about her being back up to her birth weight, so YAY, she did that – if there’s one thing this mama can do, it’s grow babies!).

It is still surreal to have this little being in our lives.  The older girls adore her still and we’re still in that “new baby” stage.  However, she’s already starting to show that she’s growing and changing and she’s already meeting her “milestones” such as following objects with her eyes (by moving her head) and she knows her mama by face, voice, and smell.

2012-05-29 anna 05

2012-05-29 anna 10

2012-05-29 anna 02

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