Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anna Beyel is One Week Old!

I almost don’t want to write this post because it means that time doesn’t stand still and that despite my best efforts, my new baby Anna is going to continue to grow and each day and each week and each month she’ll grow older meaning she’ll be as big as the big kids but really, it means that truly, in 10 weeks or so I’ll be going back to work and Anna will be going to daycare.  I don’t know why the prospect of that is so hard – she’s my third, and we made the choice to have her knowing that on the other end there wouldn’t be a choice other than to put her in daycare – maybe it’s a Mom Thing.

And maybe that’s why I haven’t posted much since she was born… well, that, and I was stuck in a hospital, completely drugged up, exhausted beyond belief (wow, two full days of cluster feeding!!!)… but really, I’m in this mode of wanting to capture every day and hold onto it forever and believe that next week Anna won’t be two weeks old already.

BUT.  She’s a week old already.  So that being said, here’s her One Week Old Post!

Anna had her first doctor’s appointment yesterday, and after leaving the hospital last Friday at 8lb 7oz (13oz below birth weight) and slightly jaundiced, we were happy to learn yesterday that she had gained 6oz (up to 8lb 13oz) and has no jaundice issues at all.  She has another appointment next Tuesday – our only goal is for her to be back to her birth weight by then.

Anna is a pretty easy going baby, and even seems to be handling all of the love from her big sisters really well.  And the big sisters LOVE Anna.  Every day, multiple times a day, the girls want to hold her, and we oblige.  The other night I even let them play with Anna on the floor because really, they need to get to know each other and the big girls need to learn how to be around the baby.  So far they are doing great with her and we haven’t had any jealousy issues.

(Ha, our bigger issues are the moths and Raven ended up in our bed the other night because she was adamant that there was a moth in her room, and there was no way she was going back into her room, no matter what.  Not even to retrieve Sheepie.)

I am recovering from my Cesarean well, and after a week, I've been able to reduce my pain medication to once a day.  Prior to that, I was having a hard time knowing when I was pushing to hard and would suddenly crash and need hours-long naps to recover from my activities.  Now that I’ve scaled back the meds, I can tell when I need to rest and stop and sit and rest immediately and can I say, I’m enjoying Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother.  Heh.

To wrap up this post, I figured I would post a picture of each day of Anna’s life so far. 

Birth Day:
2012-05-15 birth day 05

One Day Old:
2012-05-16 anna

Two Days Old:
2012-05-17 anna

Three Days Old:
2012-05-18 mama and anna hands

Four Days Old:
2012-05-19 raven and anna 04

Five Days Old:
2012-05-20 girls 04

Six Days Old:
2012-05-21 anna 01

One Week Old (TODAY!):
2012-05-22 anna 01
2012-05-22 anna 05 - BW
2012-05-22 anna 09
2012-05-22 anna 10

And, a Happy Birthday today to my cousin BROCK!!! (*grin*)

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