Saturday, November 26, 2011


So for as long as I’ve been alive, it is commonly known that (most) women have cravings during pregnancy.  Some are weird (pickles and ice cream – which, by the way, I’ve never actually met a woman who craved pickles and ice cream while pregnant or otherwise) and some are normal, but it seems that typically a woman will crave something.

I’m not different, and I’ve never really documented before that which I’ve craved and it changes throughout pregnancy, but what else do you do while watching a movie with your hub other than blog, so I figured I’d list out a few for you…

- Grapes… I had this while pregnant with Julia too, and once ate $25 worth of grapes in a week before I realized how expensive they were.

- Juice – Lemonade especially, but juice, juice, juice.  I bought my first gallon of orange juice in… 10 years?… this last week.

- Corn flakes – I bought them for a dish I was making and since, have enjoyed nice crispy (or soggy) corn flakes in nice, cold milk.

- Easy Cheese – that stuff is so nasty and so tasty.

Did I mention grapes?

That’s really about it… and nothing weird.


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