Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Shopping

I wanted to post the three main places (which have turned into my favorite places to shop) from which I bought Christmas gifts this year… if you are receiving a gift from me, most likely all or part of your gift is coming from one of these three places…

1.  Etsy.  I cannot express to you HOW MUCH I love Etsy.  Sure, occasionally you get a dud, but overall, I have had such a great experience shopping through Etsy.  I love the creativity that pours from that website and the fact that I can find virtually anything that I want, or I can find someone who is willing to make it.

2.  Amazon.  When it comes to the very simple book, CD, or movie or to oddball things, Amazon is the place to get it… and if you’re fortunate, if you spend $25 or more, your shipping is free!  I love it!  The other great thing about Amazon… even if decide I want to purchase it elsewhere, Amazon a.) provides me with reviews of that which I’m looking to purchase and b.) often gives me enough details to be able to find it elsewhere on the web.

3.  Target.  I provided the link to the Target website, but really, Target is where I go when I want to purchase something “in person” or when I want to buy clothing for children.  It has become my standby for purchasing new children’s clothing.  A lot of people have urged me to look to Craigslist for clothing, and while I appreciate that I can buy clothing through Craigslist, especially when it comes to gifts, I love that with Target it is new, has a gift receipt, and that there are Targets everywhere.

As mentioned, I’ve shopped elsewhere… the girls are going to spazz when they see the Loving Family Dollhouse and Accessories that I found on Craigslist last weekend, and there are always shops local to me that I peek at for interesting and different gifts.  But generally, this year the above three have afforded me with creative, interesting, nice-priced, and on-time gifts… that is so important, especially with how insane the holiday season is by itself, let alone when you’re working 50+ hours a week and still trying to acclimate to your surroundings.

Happy Shopping!


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