Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm a Zombie!

So... a few weeks ago I was playing with Raven or talking with Raven or something, and she started saying the word "Zombie, zombie, zombie!" over and over again. No idea why... it was not related to the conversation.

Fast forward to this weekend and both girls got crazy giggles out of Raven, unprompted, chasing Julia and saying, "I'm a zombie! I'm a zombie!" One word: HILARIOUS.

I mentioned it to Adam last night and he's like, "What, no WAY!" and decided he needed to capture it on video.

The most funny thing about this? We never taught her this. Raven doesn't watch zombie movies. So while we have a heart for zombies in this house, unless she remembers the Zombie Crawl in October or learned this at school... well, again, HILARIOUS.

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chrissy said...

ok, i LOVE the xmas music being sung in background... its like CHRISTMAS zombie!!! Funny that Ryan and I were channel surfing 2 nites ago and stopped on Zombieland... ha ha, made me thing of you guys!