Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Terrible, Horrible, Wonderful, Awesome

This post is inspired by my sister-in-law… her Facebook post from yesterday about Target nearly made me die laughing…

I have decided after living in both big and small cities, the amount of money you spend typically on things you do not need has NOTHING to do with the size of the city…

… it only has to do with your proximity to a Target.

When I lived in Cedar Rapids, I lived within 5 miles.  In Pella, within 40 miles.  In Arvada, I’m within 3 miles of 2 – TWOOOOOO – Targets.

I don’t spend more money here because I live a metropolitan area.  I spend more money here because I’m closet to Target.

Oh, Target… how terrible… and yet so awesome… you are.

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chrissy said...

Oh that is so sad but TRUE!