Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One More Quick Post for This Morning

It’s November 23rd and every year since Julia was born that it is November 23rd, I am reminded that November 23, 2007, was my due date with Julia, and that was the day that I adamantly set up the Christmas tree and because that thing was six inches off center, I picked it up and moved and dang, wouldn’t you know, my water started leaking after that and the morning of the 24th, Julia was born via C-section.

Last night after having seen the Christmas tree put up at school (i.e., daycare), Julia asked if we could put our tree up.  Having decided that my original plan of trying to “do it all” tomorrow was going to fail miserably due to my pregnant state, I agreed that we could put the tree up (hence my artificial tree post last night), and through the weekend we could put lights on, decorate, etc.  So last night, as we put up the tree, I told Julia a shortened version of what happened that day that I went into labor with her and about the day she was born… I told her that mommy was putting up the tree and mommy and daddy had to go to the hospital because Baby Julia was going to come and her immediate reaction was…

… I was born in a hospital?

Yes, yes, you were, because this day and age, most babies are born in hospitals and you were no exception.

Now, due to the recent activity in our household surrounding Adam’s gall bladder, Julia knows you go to the hospital because you are sick, so her correlation and response to my telling her that she was born in a hospital was, I was sick?

Normally most people would respond with, no, no, you weren’t, you were simply born there so we could take you home, but I decided last night that it was okay to tell her that yes, yes, you were sick, and you stayed in the hospital and the doctors took care of you but then you came home with us and look, you are going to be FOUR.  FOUR (on Thursday).  Wow.  Amazing how a five minute tale can bring back all of those memories like they were yesterday. 

And you can rest assured that in my 15-week-pregnant state, I’m being careful about not moving the tree around without assistance this year.


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