Sunday, July 3, 2011


Good titles are escaping me now.  Obvs.

Yesterday, after a flurry of apartment-cleaning, an hour in the pool, and an impromptu nap for Raven, we decided to head out.  The only destination we were certain of was Oskar Blues Restaurant & Brewery in Longmont, Colorado.  The brewery itself has impressed Adam for some time and he has had a hankering for checking out the restaurant.

I had myself a Coconut Porter from Hawaii.  Yum.

iphone 522

We then headed to Lyons, the original home of Oskar Blues.  No real reason why other than that Adam remembered it having a neat downtown.  While we were in Lyons, a sign informed us that we were only 19 miles away from Estes Park.  Uh, what?  Sign us up!

So, off to Estes we went, and we were greeted by beautiful views along the way.

iphone 525

Not sure why as Estes is fairly touristy, but it holds a special place in our hearts and it was good fun to be back again.  Of course, both kids LOVED the super touristy shops (we went in one for sunglasses and why… for the second one?).  Julia played with every toy, tried out every drum, and of course, had to try on the hats too.

iphone 527

The afternoon was wearing all of us down, whether it was a lack of naps or the beating sun, and we knew when it was time to go.

iphone 535

Even though the Estes Park trip ended with some small meltdowns, it was great to go and see our favorite shops and walk the main street again, to see the beautiful downtown waterways, and generally to in the beauty that is the Rocky Mountains.

iphone 536

On to Nederland!  We’re happy to say that the girls slept The. Entire. Way.  Yay for naps!


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