Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nederland, Colorado

My posts are backwards… excuse me for that!  On our way home yesterday, we stopped in Nederland, Colorado, for dinner.  Following are pictures from our experience in Nederland, and the drive home from Nederland.

We stopped at Wild Mountain Barbeque & Brewery in Nederland for dinner.  Nederland proves to be a smaller “tourist” town… it still has a small town feel, but it is very obviously full of tourists.  Here is Adam holding the menu in front of his ski – YES, ski – of beer tasters.

iphone 540

The ski. Of beer.

iphone 541

There is a reservoir outside of Nederland on the way back to Denver – this area is known as the Boulder Canyon.  The reservoir is fed by a large stream/river and feeds a large stream/river that you basically follow all the way down to Boulder.

iphone 572

It is hard to describe just how large the dam is on the reservoir… let’s just say I wouldn’t let the kids out of the car for these shots.

iphone 565

Here is a photo of Nederland across the reservoir.  I wish I could capture the breathtaking beauty – there are mountains (even snowcapped ones) in the background… and the sunset, while not overly colorful last night, was still beautiful.

iphone 568

iphone 571

It took us quite a while to get home from Nederland – not only because the speed limit is around 45 mph, but also because we kept seeing really cool things and having to pull off and take pictures.

iphone 575

iphone 582

iphone 583


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