Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting a good picture

Sadly, even after all of this, these pictures aren’t great, simply because it was getting dark and duh, I’m just using an iPhone to take pictures, but still… I hope you get a kick out of this post.

Picture #1: Setting up the shot

iphone 542

Picture #3: Raven has unknowingly firmly planted her foot on Julia’s toes.

iphone 544

Picture #4: We are trying to figure out why she is crying.

iphone 545

Picture #6: Ah, yes, look back a few photos and sure enough, Raven is standing on Julia’s toes… now to try and get Julia smiling again.

iphone 546

Picture #13: Ah, finally… close… close to good.

iphone 553

Picture #19: Probably the best one of the bunch.  (I took 24 pictures.)

iphone 559

Around #21 I switched to portrait instead of landscape, but by that time, the girls were done.  Here’s a great one of Raven, instead of laughing at Daddy, copying what Daddy is doing.

iphone 562

Earlier Adam had taken pictures of the girls and got a semi-good shot on #14; of course this photo is still great because it captures our girls and their spirit so well.

iphone 587

These pictures were taken in Nederland, Colorado (last one), and right outside Nederland at the Nederland at the reservoir.

More to come…!


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