Sunday, July 3, 2011

Science & Nature

This last week we received a brochure in the mail inviting us to join the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.  Quite honestly, the price for our family to join for one year (which includes free admission and discounted ticket prices to special exhibits, IMAX, planetarium, etc.), was cheaper than the cost for our family to go one day to the Shedd Aquarium, so we decided to give it a roll.

After church today, we thought we’d take the girls over to the museum.  After two hours, we reassessed and decided that with our fancy new membership, we could take the girls for a hour or two at a time instead of attempting to see it all, because very obviously the girls don’t want to see it all.  However, they did enjoy quite a bit of it.

Both girls got a kick out of the space area, and loved the big spinning globe.

iphone 589

They also enjoyed playing astronaut in the Astro Tot area.

iphone 590

We then moved onto a children’s play area where they could look at hissing cockroaches, play with magnets, dig for fossils, and most excitingly, see what wind can do (even though you can’t see the wind, you can see what it does!).

iphone 597

iphone 599

Here are the girls digging for fossils.

iphone 600

We also had a chance to view life-size dioramas of different “ages” of Colorado as well as areas from around the world.  Julia especially liked the eagles and proclaimed, “Look!  A mommy eagle and a daddy eagle and little beagles!!!”  (I’m pretty sure she meant ‘baby eagles’ but she was terribly excited.)

All in all we had a good time and with a little cajoling by the parents, the kids stayed awake on the ride home to take a good nap.


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