Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on Raven

So... I've not been great at updating on Raven like I was with Julia when Julia was this age... but know that she's growing well and learning and a regular little monkey.  *grin*
I thought I'd write a quick post to update on what Raven is doing these days...
... she has said, "book", "bass", and... she just said a word this morning that shocked me... I will have to try to remember.  She has only said those words once... she has this attitude of, "you know I know what it is, you know I know how to say it, so just deal, parent, 'cause I'm not doing it again".  Ha!  (She has said other words too; we have a list somewhere but in all of the "house picking up" we do, we've managed to miss-place a number of things.)
... she says, "uh oh" on a regular basis and does things specifically so she can say it.  Throw that cup on the floor?  "uh oh!"  Tip that pile of books over?  "uh oh!"  Pull all the clothes out of the dresser?  "uh oh"
... Raven knows what "time-out" is.  Sad, but true.  Julia didn't understand/learn this until she was almost 2 years old, but Raven is very aware of her naughty nature and tests us plenty and has learned what time-out is because of it.  Now all we have to say is, "Go to time-out, Raven", and she plops her butt down on the steps.  Julia thinks this is fantastic fun.  Julia has gotten a time-out along with Raven for "tattling" and carrying on about Raven being in time-out.  Vicious cycle, there.
... Raven knows how to shake her head "yes" and "no" and it has made life a lot easier.  I will say, "do you want a drink?"  She will "say" yes or no.  Are you ready for bed?  (Amazingly, she says "yes" and means it... SO COOL!)  She understands SO much... it is unreal... and so it has become easier with her because I can ask her yes or no questions and get an "honest" answer from her.
... but she has also started throwing tantrums when I refuse to give her what she wants.  Today she wanted the toothpaste SO BAD and when I wouldn't give it to her, it was an all out tantrum.  Hilarious.  And bad, bad, bad.  Ha!
... she runs, and one of her favorite "running" activities involves going up to her sister, grabbing something that she is playing with, and running away as fast as she can.  Which isn't very fast, but Julia is non-confrontational, and so instead of going after Raven, she starts crying instead.  We are teaching her to go and get back what was taken from her.  All the while, Raven is wielding her evil little grin and running around with her loot clutched in her hot little hands.
... she suddenly has TONS of teeth.  Including molars.  She has gotten ~10 teeth in the last 4 months.  CRAZY.
... (I hesitate to write this because then it might backfire on me...) finally, after many months of not, Raven is sleeping through the night again and sleeping ~11 hours straight.  It is pure bliss.  *I* am getting sleep again and I have finally been able to reinstate my "7 AM Rule"... i.e., not going in the girls' bedroom until 7 am, even if they wake up before then.  This gives me time to get ready in the morning... yay!  I've been waiting for this day for about 7 months... ever since that summer cold Raven had, we've been struggling with sleep... so yay! 
... she is finally realizing that me leaving means mommy won't be in the room anymore, so nursery at church has become a load of fun again.  Just when Julia stopped crying when I left her in there, Raven has started.  Oh, Joy.
... she loves to make animal noises.  Funny, most of them all sound the same, but if you listen close, they do have some different sounds.  Her "best" ones are cow and fish.  But, she loves to try them all.  It is especially funny to watch her bark.  She bobs her head as if bobbing her head will make the "woof" come out easier... hilarious.
That's all I have for now, but I will try to be better at updating on how and what she is doing!

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