Saturday, February 12, 2011

I don't mind being the 7th wheel...

... when it means I get to spend time with adults.  *grin*
A lot of people have been inquiring how life is without Adam around right now, and I half don't know what to say and am half amused because I haven't really thought about him not being here.  It's a fact... it's a known... it's something that is definite right now... so, in many ways, because it's something that I know to be true and happening, I can roll with it a lot easier than all of the unknowns in our life right now.
Of course, ask me again in about four weeks.
But, honestly, aside from the fact that my week has been filled with sick kids and us being cooped up in the house, we are doing and doing well.  For now both girls seem to be handling the absence well, and we were able to video chat with Adam on Wednesday night, which I think helped Julia (Raven would always just rather play the drums, so who knows with her).  Julia has been very good about knowing that Daddy isn't coming home from work, Daddy isn't going to be home when we get home from daycare, and Daddy isn't hiding out sleeping in our room in the morning.  Daddy is in "Cago".
So... back to the beginning of my post.  Last night I held what has become a recurring event even though Adam wasn't here.  I was excited to invite some local friends over for Game Night, and for the first time in what has been (I think) five months of Game Nights, I actually played a game instead of knitting.  It was fun to hang out with couples who I've known for at least a few years... some from the first day I moved to Pella, and just be with adults.  The kids were here, but they were good as they always tend to be and went to bed well for us.  It was enjoyable to eat snacks and drink and laugh and play games and generally just be.  With adults.
And, that is probably the one main concern I have about being a "single parent" for the next 11 weeks... making sure that I don't hole up and that I actually spend time with adults... working from home and not having that "free babysitter" (read: other parent) to takeover when you need to escape for a few hours makes me a little anxious... and I know I have friends here in town who are willing to help out at a moment's notice... but, sometimes the thought of having to ask someone who isn't part of the regular routine to step in and take over for a couple of hours is hard... especially when I'm not going to pay them... well... it's hard, and doesn't always seem worth the effort, if that makes sense.  Sometimes the point of running to the grocery store to get milk is just to get out of the house by one's self.  Asking someone to come and sit in my house for 20 minutes to do that... seems a little ridiculous.  Especially when I can do it on the way to or from daycare tomorrow.  *wink*
This week was especially interesting because both of the kids were pretty bogged down with bad colds.  Normally I have no issue with loading them up and taking them pretty much anywhere I need to go... but they looked like walking zombies for a few days there and the last thing I wanted to do was coat them up and drag them out into the (what was) bitter cold.  So we stayed in.  A lot.  And we did okay.  Today was so much nicer outside and the girls seem to be recovering well so we went ou for a couple of hours and that was nice.
So, suffice to say that we're doing well... I'm doing well... and while I know rough times will come with Adam being gone for so long... so far, so good.  *smiles*

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