Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just when...

... you blog about your kids getting better and seeming to be on the mend from their bad colds, one of them is moaning and you realize that she has a high fever and the other one looks at you with a sad look on her face and you realize that she's 100% broken out in hives... fantastic.  Both girls have been Vick's'ed and de-snotted and hugged and loved and tucked into bed and Mama hopes that they both sleep well and feel better in the morning... prayers and good thoughts for them, if you would... and for me, as I had some plans tomorrow that now I have canceled because I don't feel good leaving them home not knowing if they are getting better or worse...
Here's hoping this is the worst of the colds and flu for the season and that the rest of February and Spring are easy-going!
(I can't complain... we've been extremely blessed this Winter!)

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